A busy June culminating in Cats!

June just whizzed by!  I was mostly focused on getting ready for CatCon which was held June 29 and 30 in the Pasadena Convention Center.  But I managed to find time for some fun at the San Diego County fair.

I spent 2 days doing demos of my collage process at the fair. It was a lot of fun and I was able to introduce the artform to lots of people who weren’t aware of collage.

It wasn’t all work at the Fair…. I was able to check out lots of exhibits, artwork and see the animals.  I also enjoyed this fabulous “Mexican Churro funnel cake”!! (I did share it with my husband…)

portrait of a lion

I finished the lion a few days after I did the demo.  All in all, it took more than 23 hours to complete the entire collage. But he was well worth the effort!  16 x 16, $1800. He is currently available.

CatCon 2019!

Going to CatCon was the culmination of more than 6 months of preparation — painting, collaging, making prints, cards, jewelry, marketing materials.  It all came together in one purr-tacular week-end.

I had the thrill of meeting so many enthusiastic cat lovers and sharing my art with them. I sold prints, cards, totebags and jewelry and nearly ran out of mousepads!  I raffled off a totebag and a puzzle — which were won by Maria Blumberg of San Marino, CA.  Although it was very busy, I did manage to sneak away from the booth to check out the other vendors.  So many cool booths!!!  I met some new friends and also learned the proper way to do a cat-eye if you have mature, hooded eyes like mine (Thanks to the talented artists at the Kat von D booth!)

How did she know what Miss Cali looks like?!!!! Harumo of HarumoBakery captured her perfectly!
Miss Cali
I am a big fan of xiaolong baozi, delicious steamed dumplings that have just the right amount of broth inside. I found them at Shandong Dumplings on Fair Oaks Ave in downtown Pasadena. YUM!
And then I saw this saucy print by Sophia Lin! Perfect! Alas, there was no contact info on her print, and I did not get her card so I can't link to her site.

Sadly, nothing lasts forever, and CatCon came to an end June 30th.  I am now home, feverishly writing postcards to all the new folks who signed up for my mailing list with a physical address. I had to order more cards because I ran out!  They are due to arrive on Thursday so I’ll be able to get all the welcome cards out by next week-end.

I started this painting at the SD County Fair, worked on it some more during CatCon and just finished it this afternoon. I call it "A Tale of Two Calicos" . It's 8 x 10 and available to purchase for $350.

There are no shows or events planned for July or August.  I plan to continue working on paintings and commissions.  If you would like to order a commission, there is space in my schedule this month to work on it.  Please email to start the process.


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