Adventures in Iceland

In mid-August, my husband and I went to Iceland.  He went for a conference… and I went as moral support… If you’ve never been, you should put it on your list!  It’s a beautiful place and the people are warm, generous and have a great sense of humor. Everyone in Reykjavik spoke excellent English (and other languages as well!). This was not a cheap vacation — a simple bagel with cream cheese and veggies cost $10!! But the quality was outstanding and we had a fabulous time. (The conference was productive, too…)

Strokkur Geysir, Iceland
The Strokkur Geysir erupts every 8-10 minutes.
Inside a volcano, Iceland
We took a tour to the bottom of a dormant volcano! The colors were amazing!!
Gulfoss Waterfall, Iceland
Gulfoss Waterfall is like a double-decker Niagara Falls!
Glacial Runoff in Ice Cave, Iceland
We went on an ice cave tour with Katlatrak. Since it was mid-summer, there was a lot of melting.
Ice Cave, Iceland
Inside the glacier. This glacier is near Katla Volcano which erupts every 5-7 years. You can see the layers of ash in between the ice. This ash makes the caves "stable" year-round.
Town Lake, Reykjavik
The town has a lovely lake in the center.
Hallgrimskirkja, the town church
Hallgrimskirkja, the church that is the centerpiece of Reykjavik. It's modern architecture pays hommage to Iceland's volcanic origins.
street in Reykjavik
A downtown street in Reykjavik. There were murals on most buildings. Lots of street art everywhere.
Cat Cafe, Iceland
I found the Kattakaffihusid, or Cat Cafe and spent a few mornings there enjoying excellent lattes and feline company.
Cat Cafe, Lexi
Lexi liked to sit on that chair at the Kattakaffihusid.
I glued down bits from a tour guidebook and sketched Lexi on top in my journal.
painting of a cat in a store window
Watercolor on travel brochure of a cat I saw in a store window.
portrait of cat on top of newsprint
Watercolor sketch of Klukka, a cat at the Kattakaffihusid
Reykjavik Harbor at night
In mid-August it didn't get dark until 11pm! This shot of the Reykjavik harbor was taken at 11:30pm.

Have you ever been to Iceland?  What was your favorite place?  I know we definitely want to return some day — maybe in October to see snow and the aurora borealis.

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