Just Finished! A Rottweiler

This has been a busy month for things other than art.  My “day job” as a henna artist is in its busiest time of year so I’ve had to get very deliberate about scheduling time to make collages.  I started this rottweiler puppy early in the month and just finished it today!

It starts with a sketch and a quick painting
The underpainting is done and the color scheme has been set.
Various paper is gathered and collected to be printed, stenciled and decorated, using the colors from the underpainting as a guide.
Even leaves from the neighborhood plants are fair game for using to decorate the paper.
I collected various fibers to make custom paper: shredded cardboard, dryer lint, old paper, and dog fur!
After soaking everything in water overnight, I whirred it in the blender to create a pulp.

I made a short video of the actual paper-pulling process.  This tub yielded 16 5×7 sheets of dog-fur paper.

Paper made from dog fur.
The handmade paper after printing and stencilling...ready to add into the portrait.
Added in the background and started on the paws...
Working on the face...
And now he's done! And ready for adoption once the varnish dries.

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