Remembering Connie

On this All Souls Day or Dia de los Muertos, let’s take a moment and remember the life and love of Connie, my friend’s dog.

Photo of yellow lab named Connie

Connie was born to be a service dog and spent several months in training.  She loved being helpful, and was very patient with people, but showed some aggression towards other dogs during the test.  She failed the service dog exam.

The people who raised her already had 2 dogs and couldn’t keep her much longer, so one asked his co-worker if she’d like a dog, and when she said yes, Connie was delivered to her house that evening!

At first Connie was a bit at odds with their other dog, Zero, but soon they became good buddies.

Connie loved a Beanie Baby polar bear.  She also loved to play tug of war with knotted rope. Her favorite treats were carrots and dog biscuits with peanut butter. She was a faithful friend for 16 years and is missed dearly.

Underpainting of dog
The 1st step of Connie's portrait, the underpainting.
Collage process for a dog
Adding in the collage to create the full portrait.
a golden retriever

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