Studio Tour

Let’s take a little peek into my studio….aka The Guest Room that I’ve taken over.

I have the right corner of the room for my work.  And although it may look chaotic, I know exactly where everything is and I can reach most things from my chair.  Today’s project is painting and stencilling paper for the background of a tigger portrait. 

Taking a little detour from cats for a moment with this raven. I decided to use a non-commissioned bird to explore new techniques for suggesting the color black and creating texture. This is the underpainting waiting for the collage layers.
Mr. Tux is partially collaged and waiting for more layers. I've decided to test out working on several pieces at once and see how I like that approach. Usually, I do one piece at a time from start to finish. An artist friend mentioned that she finds working on several pieces simultaneously more productive, so I've decided to give it a try.

Miss Sahara, my supervisor, is glad that the guest bed is still an integral part of the studio… although I have dreams of moving it to the garage… in the meantime, she is busy.

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