Art that brings Joy and

What makes my paintings special?

I’m Natasha and I create colorful works of art that make people happy! 

Using a process known as collage, I gather paper that is particular to the subject or location I am honoring — such as maps, newspaper articles, sheet music, old receipts, bus schedules, and more.  I then paint and print layers of color and pattern on top of those pages, and finally collage them to create vibrant pieces of art that have depth and meaning.

For pets, I put your pet in your pet portrait by incorporating personal items that are important to you and your family — such as maps, letters, sheet music, special text, bits of blanket, even fur and ashes  — into a colorful and vibrant piece of art that will be a focal point in your home. These are an amazing tribute to your furry family member.  Perfect as a gift for the pet lover in your life. A fitting memorial for a lost loved one.


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